Video Consultation

Video Consultation:

1. Take  a Video of one room from entering the room and going to all walls from top to bottom angles.Please showcase from floor to ceiling showing all objects in room. Clarity to color and furniture is important. This can be done with a cell phone or video camera.

2. Take the Compass Direction in the middle of each wall (Face the wall and look at the compass. What is the direction with the degree number at the arrow?) Send the Degree Number for each wall to me with the Video to Proper Compass Direction is required. Feng Shui by Angel uses Compass driven methods and suggestions made to you will be based on what you send for the room. Feng Shui by Angel is not responsible for improper compass readings.

3. Feng Shui by Angel will examine and review. Feng Shui suggestions will be emailed to you within a 24 hour time frame. This will include a diagram of the room with what each direction represents. Each space will be considered for the best use of each element in that specified direction. 

4. Please remember to de-clutter the room before you send the video for proper Feng Shui recommendations.

5. Cost is $75 per room


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