Thank you for doing such an amazing job with my home.  You re-arranged my house in ways I never would have thought to do myself and I absolutely love the changes you did and suggested for me to do.  Changing the color scheme in my office and hanging different paintings (ones I already had in other ares of my house) has made such a difference in how I feel when I go into my office area. It feels so open, peaceful, and spacious which allows me to think clearly and focus on what I need to do. 

Both times you left my house, I received new clients within minutes. That is amazing to me.  I also ended up meeting someone and having a nice romantic relationship with for the first time in three years.  I have been telling all my friends about you.  Anyone will surely benefit greatly from your excellent feng shui/home in harmony services.
Jacki Rose

A stagnant life such as mine called for new direction and change.  So I reached out to Angel. She showed me where to incorporate color and where to place items throughout the house. Her Feng Shui skill provided a positive energy balance in my house and me.  My living space is open and energized, and my life continues in the exciting direction of transformation. Thank you Angel!



I loved working with Angel to make changes in my home and life! Angel’s passion and expertise is evident from the moment she walks in the door.  Angel works with you to help create a space that: rejuvenates rather than depletes, supports and inspires, reflects who you are, enhances your life rather than block, and overall create positive energy (chi) that will affect all areas of your life.  I love that she prefers to use items already in your home if possible rather than buying new things (and having to spend money).  She provides another set of eyes, a fresh perspective, and suggestions that you would never think of.

After working with Angel I noticed an immediate difference in the way I felt – lighter, renewed, more positive, and an overall feeling of flow. Within a few days I had movement in some areas relating to work and finances. It’s important to realize that some people experience changes very quickly and for others it takes a while. It doesn’t mean changes aren’t successful. Angel’s amazing feng shui work combined with strong intention and clarity bring results and positive changes!

Diane E



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