Moving forward is about taking that 1st step………

Chance and Luck

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day and the luck of the Irish, I am offering a special this              month. Pick any 3 areas from the following 8 areas that make up the quadrants            of your home or office. This is the 1st step in getting improvement in the areas             you want to in your life.

  1. Wealth & Prosperity | Self Worth
  2. Health & Family | Community
  3. Relationships | Love | Partnerships
  4. Knowledge & Education | Wisdom
  5. Helpful People & Travel | Spiritual Life
  6. Career | Life Path
  7. Creativity & Children | Joy
  8. Fame & Reputation | Social Life

Consultation fee is $100 per area and includes up to one hour travel time. Purchase 3 areas and get one additional area consultation for FREE. You will be contacted by phone or email to schedule your appointment after it is paid for at the “PAY HERE” Tab on my Blog.  Just insert the amount and follow the PayPal prompts. I look forward to meeting with you soon.


What direction does your home face?

Direction image

People often ask me ” Is one direction better than another ? ”

The answer is: Not necessarily,  as long as you have the right elements in place. If you home faces North, you will want to have some sort of water element with the related colors, like blues or purples. If you home faces South, red should be prominent here. There are 3 elements that should be balanced in any given direction. Got more questions? Contact me to get answers.

Clarity in the Feng Shui Consultation

I am here to help YOU with my knowledge on what can be done to bring about changes in YOUR life if you want them. I am here to make suggestions based on my experience, teachings & the compass directions of your property. Be open to that and you will be open to change. YOU will experience change to harmony and balance in your home. A floor plan is a good start. I can always draw one when I get to your home. Lastly, it is not necessary to know the reason why but to accept what is. Move onward and forward.

Call me at 508-769-6041 and lets bring about what you have been wanting for awhile…..

How many pairs of shoes do you have?

Well, if you have many OLD shoes, get rid of them. The old or worn shoe is considered to be stagnant or draining energy. Another old Feng Shui cure is to face the shoes as though they are walking out of your closet. This is said to increase the energy to allow opportunites walk into your life. As always, have fun with Feng Shui by Angel !

Simple Staging to Sell a Property

Do you know someone thinking of selling their home? Feng Shui can improve the energy flow of a property to ease the buyer into making a purchase. Feng Shui by Angel also helps enhance the 4 main areas critical to attracting a buyer.Those areas are the North, South, Southeast and Northwest. Call me for specific details.