Happy New Moon March 30, 2014

New Moon

New Moons are about New Beginnings. Thank you to everyone who contacted me about my March Special. Please see my March 1st Blog Post for details. Price is valid until midnight March 31,2014. I will address these items for you.

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  1. Relationships | Love | Partnerships
  2. Knowledge & Education | Wisdom
  3. Helpful People & Travel | Spiritual Life
  4. Career | Life Path
  5. Creativity & Children | Joy
  6. Fame & Reputation | Social Life
  7. Wealth & Prosperity | Self Worth
  8. Health & Family | Community









What are you waiting for?

Waiting man Waiting woman

Face the Fear. Make the change. Just do it. Make a decision. Stop the either/or mentality. You will feel better afterwards for just making the choice and not weighing the options. It is being all caught up in what may happen, that causes fear. If you make a choice and find the outcome is not what you thought, that is OK. Make another choice. No answer is wrong. Keep making decisions to find one that feels right. Like your home environment, you want it to feel right. Whatever that is. SO, call me at 508-769-6041 and I can help you in your home to bring about the desired outcome.

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Are water fountains good FengShui?

Water fountain  I love water fountains and the sound of the water flowing. I liken it to listening to the waves crashing at the beach. It is the idea of flow that attracts me to it I think. Things are moving. In my Pollyanna mindset, they are moving in a positive direction and for my highest and best. What do you want to be at your highest and best. Place a water fountain in that area if the water element is needed! A water fountain placed in an area where the water element is not in harmony, may bring loss as it drains the energy. Questions? I’ve got answers.

What is Balance REALLY?

PeaceLet’s envision a weight scale. With Balance there is no movement. It is even. SO, what we really need is Harmony. Harmony allows us to be content with our lives and understand the lessons and still be peaceful about them. Ups and downs, energy coming and going allows us to grow and be happy with life. The 5 elements that need to be harmonized in a space are: metal, water, wood, fire and earth. What areas need to be harmonized in your home?

Clarity in the Feng Shui Consultation

I am here to help YOU with my knowledge on what can be done to bring about changes in YOUR life if you want them. I am here to make suggestions based on my experience, teachings & the compass directions of your property. Be open to that and you will be open to change. YOU will experience change to harmony and balance in your home. A floor plan is a good start. I can always draw one when I get to your home. Lastly, it is not necessary to know the reason why but to accept what is. Move onward and forward.

Call me at 508-769-6041 and lets bring about what you have been wanting for awhile…..

Patience & the Art of Feng Shui by Angel

I am often asked ” When will I see changes or when will changes come about in my life that I want?” That is the million dollar question. The million dollar answer is this:It depends!

When you become spiritually and emotionally aligned with your environment , you will gradually see the energy shift and probably feel it too if you are somewhat intuitive. I have had clients who see immediate change and others may take longer. All I can say is this: Be open to simplifying your home.Be open to receiving the possibilities that may open up to you as the energy shifts.