What are you waiting for?

Waiting man Waiting woman

Face the Fear. Make the change. Just do it. Make a decision. Stop the either/or mentality. You will feel better afterwards for just making the choice and not weighing the options. It is being all caught up in what may happen, that causes fear. If you make a choice and find the outcome is not what you thought, that is OK. Make another choice. No answer is wrong. Keep making decisions to find one that feels right. Like your home environment, you want it to feel right. Whatever that is. SO, call me at 508-769-6041 and I can help you in your home to bring about the desired outcome.

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May the Fireworks be with YOU!

Happy 4th of JULY to all my United States fellow followers!

Whether you like fireworks or not, they do help to dispel any negative energy around you. They blast away to get rid of anything that is not good for you in your space. After the smoke clears, envision your positive outlook, clear your vision and move forward. Snap, Crackle, Pop, BOOM!

Feng Shui is everywhere…….

Believe it or not, you currently use Feng Shui where you live with how you decorate. You see, right now you use what feels good to you in the moment. Your life may be good or not. You may like to see improvement or not. Either way, with proper guidance and clearing, Harmony can happen in all areas. Negative aspects, according to the Facing Compass directions of your front door, need to be removed 1st. It is amazing to see a transformation when you did not think it was that bad before. It gets better. Call me for your private consultation.

Happy Spring!!

Alive and kicking…

House plants should always be healthy and vibrant. This includes cut flowers brought home to display. Plants cleanse the air. Once the plant or flower starts dying, death is occurring, thus, negative energy. Remember to water to keep them alive OR throw away. Deadwood, sticks and dried flowers are considered unhealthy as well.They are dead, no buts about it. Keep your environment positive and healthy with vibrant alive plants!