Happy New Moon March 30, 2014

New Moon

New Moons are about New Beginnings. Thank you to everyone who contacted me about my March Special. Please see my March 1st Blog Post for details. Price is valid until midnight March 31,2014. I will address these items for you.

Call me at 508-769-6041 to get started.

  1. Relationships | Love | Partnerships
  2. Knowledge & Education | Wisdom
  3. Helpful People & Travel | Spiritual Life
  4. Career | Life Path
  5. Creativity & Children | Joy
  6. Fame & Reputation | Social Life
  7. Wealth & Prosperity | Self Worth
  8. Health & Family | Community









Go with the flow……….

Go with the flow

When I first heard this I said “Well, I think I can do that , but I like to plan things.” It is not about planning things. It is about being able to not control every little thing that comes your way. Allow it to flow. Allow things to just happen.You can always ‘alter’ the flow but there is no need to panic or think “If I don’t help it along, it will not come out the way I want it to be”. Relax. It is amazing when you do and a better outcome is the result. So, let me design the area of your home where you want to see improvement. When I am done, let the energy flow and experience harmony in your home once again.

Moving forward is about taking that 1st step………

Chance and Luck

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day and the luck of the Irish, I am offering a special this              month. Pick any 3 areas from the following 8 areas that make up the quadrants            of your home or office. This is the 1st step in getting improvement in the areas             you want to in your life.

  1. Wealth & Prosperity | Self Worth
  2. Health & Family | Community
  3. Relationships | Love | Partnerships
  4. Knowledge & Education | Wisdom
  5. Helpful People & Travel | Spiritual Life
  6. Career | Life Path
  7. Creativity & Children | Joy
  8. Fame & Reputation | Social Life

Consultation fee is $100 per area and includes up to one hour travel time. Purchase 3 areas and get one additional area consultation for FREE. You will be contacted by phone or email to schedule your appointment after it is paid for at the “PAY HERE” Tab on my Blog.  Just insert the amount and follow the PayPal prompts. I look forward to meeting with you soon.

What is broken in your life?

OK, if you walked around your home right now, what would you find that is broken? A light bulb, a leaky faucet, a broken chair, a window, a dead plant, a ripped blanket, broken zipper, stained or ripped clothing, dust or cobwebs everywhere, loose door handles……..the list can go on. This is all negative energy around you. Repair, replace or get rid of anything that is broken in your environment. It is like de-cluttering your space as well. Let only the good energy remain. This can affect any area of your life. Start this cleansing and see what happens. You will notice a difference. SMILE!

Clarity in the Feng Shui Consultation

I am here to help YOU with my knowledge on what can be done to bring about changes in YOUR life if you want them. I am here to make suggestions based on my experience, teachings & the compass directions of your property. Be open to that and you will be open to change. YOU will experience change to harmony and balance in your home. A floor plan is a good start. I can always draw one when I get to your home. Lastly, it is not necessary to know the reason why but to accept what is. Move onward and forward.

Call me at 508-769-6041 and lets bring about what you have been wanting for awhile…..

When is it the right time?

Do you want to improve your current situation or bring more balance to your life? Are you ready to accept change in your life? Well, the time to do that is NOW! Yes, you can wait. but WHY? SO, when you are ready, let’s gets started.

1st things 1st: Get rid of any trash in your home, de-clutter, give away, sell or pack away unneeded items to make room for the new. Doing this alone will help you feel better. Secondly, aligning the proper elements in your home. All I need is a sketch of your floor plan and I can get started. Third: I meet you at your home to determine the Compass directions for proper alignment.

Transformation begins with Feng Shui by Angel

Fireplace and Feng Shui

If you have a fireplace in the southeast corner (wealth sector) of your home, you will literally burn through the money and accumulating cash will be difficult to do. If the fireplace is in the north corner (career/opportunities sector), you’ll find that your career doesn’t pay you nearly what it should. In both cases, it’s important to “douse” the fire energy of the fireplace by placing a picture of a waterfall over the fireplace. Better still is placing actual water over the fireplace, in the form of a fountain, or even vases of flowers filled with water.