What are you waiting for?

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Face the Fear. Make the change. Just do it. Make a decision. Stop the either/or mentality. You will feel better afterwards for just making the choice and not weighing the options. It is being all caught up in what may happen, that causes fear. If you make a choice and find the outcome is not what you thought, that is OK. Make another choice. No answer is wrong. Keep making decisions to find one that feels right. Like your home environment, you want it to feel right. Whatever that is. SO, call me at 508-769-6041 and I can help you in your home to bring about the desired outcome.

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Where should I place couple images in my home?

Couple pictures or any relationship pictures you have (with your children, friends, parents, etc.)  can really be placed anywhere in your home. If they are missing in one particular area of your home, the Relationship area, which is the Southwest direction, then it needs to be enhanced with items to bring about the desired outcome you want. Remember, life is journey. Life is ever changing. Sometimes in our time, sometimes not. Any change should be made with your desired outcome in mind. Let me help you with that. Contact me to receive the Questionnaire I need before I get started in your home.
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Where do you begin?

cropped-5-elements2.jpgIt is said, people always want to improve their finances, their relationships, their career and health? Is it the same with you? There are 5 Elements that Feng Shui works with to draw or detract energy from a certain area.  This depends of course on the compass direction each area is facing.  Well, there are two favorable elements and a third complimentary element to each area. Two elements in each area should be minimized as they will take away the energy from that area. Draw me a floor plan and let’s get together to determine how I can help you enhance your life in 2014!

Happy New Year!

2014 Light bulbI have found that people typically want to LIGHT up their life in 4 common areas. They are Career, Health , Relationships and Wealth. This is about bringing energy and attention to what you want. Intent and Attitude is key. Having a balanced area in your home will invite the right opportunities when it is right for you or bring them to LIGHT so you can act on them. Have a fun and safe New Year! New Moon on Jan 1st is great for New Beginnings! Call me to help you with these areas when you are ready.

Make 2014 BETTER than EVER

New YearYes, you have heard this before BUT, do it now. De-clutter your home or office. Dust, cobwebs, old stuff needs to go! New things can not be attracted with no room or old items draining the energy in the room. It’s all about feeling. How does it feel to you? How do you feel? This is just the beginning of new and great things to come for you. You will see and feel it. Next, we can balance the space with elemental changes! Watch for more details or BETTER yet, go to my HOME Consultation Page to get started!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

It’s officially the start of Spring and we can feel it in the air.The lucky color of the day is Green! Hospitals often use this color as it is supposed to be soothing. It represents hope, calmness, tranquility and aliveness. Green also represents the Wood element in Feng Shui. This is very  important in the Health area of your home. Place a green healthy plant on a wood table in the East section of your home for healing and good health. OR paint a wall in the East area of your home to feel good. May the luck of the Irish be with you !

Alive and kicking…

House plants should always be healthy and vibrant. This includes cut flowers brought home to display. Plants cleanse the air. Once the plant or flower starts dying, death is occurring, thus, negative energy. Remember to water to keep them alive OR throw away. Deadwood, sticks and dried flowers are considered unhealthy as well.They are dead, no buts about it. Keep your environment positive and healthy with vibrant alive plants!