Are candles good anywhere in my home?

Fire energy

Fire pictures, like the sun, or an actual candle, or a lamp is considered to be a Fire element.  Fire is all about Passion and bringing forth that energy into a much needed area. It is also associated with the colors red, yellow and orange. The Fire element can  ‘burn’ away items in an area if it is not one of the 3 balancing elements in that are of your home. I am here to help you bring forth that energy you need.

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What direction does your home face?

Direction image

People often ask me ” Is one direction better than another ? ”

The answer is: Not necessarily,  as long as you have the right elements in place. If you home faces North, you will want to have some sort of water element with the related colors, like blues or purples. If you home faces South, red should be prominent here. There are 3 elements that should be balanced in any given direction. Got more questions? Contact me to get answers.

Clarity in the Feng Shui Consultation

I am here to help YOU with my knowledge on what can be done to bring about changes in YOUR life if you want them. I am here to make suggestions based on my experience, teachings & the compass directions of your property. Be open to that and you will be open to change. YOU will experience change to harmony and balance in your home. A floor plan is a good start. I can always draw one when I get to your home. Lastly, it is not necessary to know the reason why but to accept what is. Move onward and forward.

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When is it the right time?

Do you want to improve your current situation or bring more balance to your life? Are you ready to accept change in your life? Well, the time to do that is NOW! Yes, you can wait. but WHY? SO, when you are ready, let’s gets started.

1st things 1st: Get rid of any trash in your home, de-clutter, give away, sell or pack away unneeded items to make room for the new. Doing this alone will help you feel better. Secondly, aligning the proper elements in your home. All I need is a sketch of your floor plan and I can get started. Third: I meet you at your home to determine the Compass directions for proper alignment.

Transformation begins with Feng Shui by Angel

Finding Balance in Life

Life can be busy.You may often wonder “How can I find balance in my life?” This is when it is time to look at the different areas that represent your WHOLE life. For example: Relationships, Career, Health, Family, Knowledge, Wealth, Blessings. Addressing one area does not automatically repair another area. Therefore, you need to look at ALL areas so that they come together as a WHOLE. Feng Shui by Angel looks at the entire home. Every room is looked at, reviewed, and adjusted to enhance that part of your life. Send me your Floor Plan.This is the beginning of balance in your life. Congratulations!

To be KIND or Not to be KIND

Today is National Random Acts of Kindness Day. Being KIND to one another each and every day should be the norm, not random. Being in a Sunny disposition means you are in a good mood. The Sun is the color yellow. Yellow  glows with optimism, enlightenment, and happiness. A vase of fresh yellow flowers will bring smiles to your face. Let me show you what color flowers to place in your garden. YES, Feng Shui with Angel can help you by enhancing the garden areas of your home as well.

Is your life a Peace of work?

Peace on earth and goodwill to all men. A year round ring to it? Yes, Peace and Harmony is possible in your home or work place all year long. What direction does your front door face? Is it the right color? Do you want more love and money in your life? Who doesn’t right? Well, call me to get started so that your life can be enhanced in the areas you want! Compass Feng Shui is specific to your home environment. Let’s get going……………….