Where should I place couple images in my home?

Couple pictures or any relationship pictures you have (with your children, friends, parents, etc.)  can really be placed anywhere in your home. If they are missing in one particular area of your home, the Relationship area, which is the Southwest direction, then it needs to be enhanced with items to bring about the desired outcome you want. Remember, life is journey. Life is ever changing. Sometimes in our time, sometimes not. Any change should be made with your desired outcome in mind. Let me help you with that. Contact me to receive the Questionnaire I need before I get started in your home.
Loving-Couple in snow


Bed Placement….

Does bed placement really make a difference? Yes, it does. A bed should never be placed in such a way that when you are lying in it, your feet are facing a door. This is the Coffin position in Feng Shui. Deadly in life. A solid headboard is important as well as a solid wall to put the headboard against to represent some sort of stability in life. Please review the diagram and change your bed placement if needed.