Office Consultation

Are you feeling overwhelmed at the office? Is your desk in the command position? Are you facing the door or the wall? Is your back to the entrance? The answers to these questions and more can help identify the changes and enhancements needed to make the office a better environment for you.

Office Consultation:

1. A consultation consists of one hour at your office.

2. Compass Directions will be taken for each wall.

3. Feng Shui by Angel will examine and review. Feng Shui suggestions will be verbally told to you and will also include a diagram of the room with what each direction represents. Each space will be considered for the best use of each element in that specified direction.

4. Please remember to de-clutter the office as much as you can before the appointment for proper Feng Shui recommendations.

5. Cost is $99.00 per one person office


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