In HOME Consultation

Feng Shui by Angel helps you bring Harmony and improvement to your life by providing Private Consultations at your home or office. It is an Interior Design System using Feng Shui Principles. Remember, change typically brings you towards your life path. Good or bad, the Outcome should be looked at. I look at what you have for furniture , pictures and more. Items may be moved to different areas. As a last resort, I may ask you to purchase a picture, for example, if you do not have something already that would work in the are it is needed.

Harmony elements

For Harmony and/or Improvement in an area of your life you desire:

1. Provide a Floor plan of your Home or Office to with the best contact number to reach you to schedule your Consultation. You can always draw and send to me in advance or have available when I arrive.

2. A Consultation consists of a 3 – 4 hour visit with some email follow up. Additional visits can be booked at $100 per hour. Follow up phone calls are available at $65 up to an hour. These visits/calls should be scheduled after you have done the recommended changes suggested by         Feng Shui by Angel.

3. Feng Shui by Angel will determine the Compass Directions of your home or office as well as the Elements in the corresponding areas needing enhancement or clearing to bring about your desired result of balance and harmony. You will be given  a Compass Direction sheet with changes to be made and refer to. Make additional notes on for that particular area in the space provided. Focus will be the top 3 areas you want reviewed.

4. Decluttering is recommended prior to any initial Consultation visit (or at least done prior to any Elemental changes for improvement and harmony to the areas)

5. Room by Room will be reviewed and suggestions made so changes can be done immediately and/or can be written down by you to be done within the next month or so.

6. Consultation date and time will be set up with you after payment is received.  Please go the Payment Tab and insert the Fee of $444.00.  You will be contacted within 24 hours to schedule and appointment.


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